On site camping at the event. Camp right at the Knox County Fairgrounds!

Only $100 for the entire weekend (set up Thursday/leave on Sunday).

We have no way to split up camping per day, your reservation is for the whole weekend.

Each camping purchase entitles the buyer to one camping space (approx 20'x30') in the general camping area.


Note: There are electric and water hookups available in the camping area. Your distance to these hookups may vary depending on where you set up camp.

Camping spots are first come/first served in the general camping area and we have no way to pre-reserve a specific spot or put you near your friends. You and your friends will choose where to set up when you arrive.


The camping area is located behind the grandstands (N40° 24.989, W082° 28.336).


There are restrooms - with showers -  available at both ends of the camping area (near the event venue, and on the east end).

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The official clan pathtags of the 2021 Ohio Geoclash & Festival.

Each item is 5 identical colored tags. Tags must be traded with other clans to obtain all 5 clan tags.

*Note: Individual orders containing 5 sets of tags will be given one set of each color.

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Our 2020 Ohio Geocaching Association Geocoin!

As a member created design, this coin prominently features our unique state flag on one side,

and proudly displays our organization's logo and the year on the reverse.

Each coin is trackable, and is complete with a custom Ohio Geocaching icon for the trackable.

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Our first ever Pathtag! The official 2019 edition Ohio Geocaching pathtag.

Features the design of our state flag!

Designed by artist Chris Mackey.

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