Missed out on the very first Ohio GeoClash Event in 2021?


We have a few pieces left over for you to add to your collection.


2021 Coins available in select colors only while supplies last.

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Take home an official trackable tag from the 2022 Ohio GeoClash & Festival.


Select from one of 5 colors representing the 5 teams.

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The official neck wallet lanyard of the 2022 Ohio GeoClash & Festival.


Each neck wallet comes with our Official 2022 Event Pathtag attached.

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The official team pathtags of the 2022 Ohio Geoclash & Festival.


Each set of tags comes with 5 unique tags (one of each team color).


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The official geocoin of the 2022 Ohio GeoClash & Festival!

Designed by Chris Mackey. You can choose your favorite color from:

Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, or Black.

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The official t-shirt of the 2022 Ohio GeoClash & Festival.


Available in 5 team colors, or black.


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The official trackable tags of the 2022 Ohio GeoClash & Festival.


This is a complete set of 5 trackable tags with each team color.

*Note: Tags are trackable at geocaching.com

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This is a complete collectors set of 7 event geocoins.


You'll get:


1 Red

1 Blue

1 Green

1 Orange

1 Purple

1 Black

1 Black (Collector Edition Gold)

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Represent your team with the official swag of the 2022 Ohio GeoClash!

Each color represents a distinct team (Ohio Geocaching Association Region)


Choose your region:

RED - Northeast Ohio

BLUE - Northwest Ohio

GREEN - Southwest Ohio

ORANGE - Southeast Ohio

PURPLE - Out of State


Each package includes the following:

- 1 Official Event Coin (Team Color)

- 1 Official Event T-Shirt (Team Color)

- 1 Official Event Neck Wallet (Black)

- 1 Official Event Path Tag

- 1 Official Event Trackable Tag (Team Color)

- 5 Official Team Pathtags (Full set of 5 colors)

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